Pelargos: Access to Asian Alpha

Pelargos Capital is an investment boutique with an institutional type infrastructure that provides absolute return type products based on alpha generation in Asian markets. Our principal products include both Japanese and Asian absolute return funds. We offer our clients transparency on process and positions.

Experience over Asian Cycle

Our award winning investment managers are passionate investors driven to deliver performance in all market environments. Our collective Asian experience dates back to pre Asia crisis and we have ‘walked the walk’ together.

Stability through strategic backing

Equity commitment and multi-year seeding provides organizational stability and continuity. The structure also ensures us to maintain excellent operations and solid infrastructure.

Our approach

We are fundamental investors employing both a top-down and bottom up perspective when selecting stocks and allocating risk in the portfolio. We use a big picture framework and avoid overreliance on models thereby ensuring reliable alpha. In our search for alpha we follow a structured and disciplined investment process that emphasizes stock selection over market movements but with enough flexibility to maximize opportunities as they arise.

IHFA 2013 Winner
Pelargos Japan Alpha Fund is nominated for:
Pelargos Japan Alpha Fund is nominated for the Asia Hedge Awards 2012