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Pelargos CEO - Contribution to article in IEXProfs about Japan demographics (in Dutch language)

The Japanese population is getting older. This demographic shift has an impact on economic activity, and thus creates investment opportunities.

Annual Report on Voting in 2018

Under the Japan Stewardship code, asset managers publish annually how they voted on the various AGMs. Our 2018 voting report is now available online. Here we also show how we acted in our clients' interests. Click here to view the full publication.

The Pelargos way


Fundamental value investing in Asian and Japanese equities

We believe that fundamental, bottom-up value analysis enables us to better understand and more effectively manage risk. We target asymmetric pay off structure with strong positive skews and our process incorporates systematic and quantitative techniques. We are convinced this is the best way of capturing alpha and building wealth.


Entrepreneurial culture with institutional infrastructure

Pelargos is regulated under the AIFM directive and reports to various industry oversight bodies. Pelargos is a AIMA member and our key service providers are best of class partners. Our state of the art technology supports our fundamental research efforts and systematic trading tools. Our infrastructure enables effective reporting tools and performance attribution analysis to provide transparency for our clients.


Proven trackrecord

Launched in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, the Pelargos team has delivered excellent results in both up and down markets. Thanks to the fixed capital commitment from our cornerstone investor and partner Aegon, Pelargos approaches the investment business with a long term horizon. This enables us to effectively control the downside and to expose us to attractive upside.

Our equity solution

Unlock value in Asia and Japan with active downside control

Our Solution

Inefficient markets provide alpha opportunities

Asia is a dynamic region with unique sets of investment opportunities. The canvas ranges from mature developed markets such as Japan to frontier markets such as Pakistan and Vietnam. The investment universe encompasses global leaders such as Samsung and Toyota and a great variety of small caps trying to establish disruptive business models.

Asia - A history of extreme volatility

Asia is the world’s manufacturing base and its excessive volatility can be explained by its high sensitivity to changes in global growth. Heavy government interference and restrictive economic policies lead to macro imbalances and exacerbates excessive volatility.

Downside risk must be actively managed

Value investing delivers superior returns in Asia and we enhanced our fundamental value approach with systematic and disciplined risk management. This allows us to achieve attractive returns with limited downside, and so to compound wealth in the long run.